Rain causes flooded front yards in Santa Fe neighborhood

HOUSTON – Some parts of the Houston area got as much as five inches of rain Thursday and a Santa Fe neighborhood still had flooded front yards Thursday night.

"It's probably been at least 15 years since I've seen it this high," said Santa Fe resident Steve Pulley. He told Local 2 he couldn't believe just how much his neighborhood had flooded in the afternoon.

"Water came up across the top of the edge of the ditch here, which we normally don't see, even on a heavy rainfall," he said.

All the rain turned several of his neighbor's front yards into moats.

"If it gets to my house, I might as well have a Noah's Ark out here," said Pulley. "I'm going to float somewhere."

Pulley said for a while driving became a concern.

"You can't see where you're driving to or driving on, it becomes a dangerous situation," he said.