Possible clue in home invasion appears in iCloud stream

HARRIS COUNTY – Technology may help police solve a violent home invasion that happened to a mother and her young daughter on Christmas Eve.

Police say the bandits got away with thousands of dollars in cash and valuables.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says a man and several other people broke into a Cypress home and got away with $30,000 in cash and much more.

"I would not even keep $1,000 in my house," neighbor Divine Ebwelle said.

Among the stolen goods was a cellphone believed to have been used to take a photo of one of the suspects.

The snapshot was later uploaded to the victim's iCloud photos. The victim found the photos on her account when she got a new phone.

"They're really good people," neighbor Alexis Serrano said. "They work on their cars a lot."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office tells us the homeowner and her 3-year-old daughter were sleeping when they woke up to one of the robbers pointing a gun at her.

Authorities say her wrists were then taped together and she was blindfolded while the suspects ransacked the home and robbed the family.

Neighbors say this is the first home invasion they've heard of in this community and they can't imagine why someone would target them.

"We are all middle class people," Ebwelle said. "We are all hard working, so I don't know anybody that's rich."