Proposal to fix overcrowding at schools sparks debate at FBISD meeting


FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – It didn't take long for things to get heated at Wednesday night's Fort Bend ISD meeting to discuss a plan to change feeding patterns which route elementary and middle school students into the district's high schools. A small but vocal minority of parents let it be known they didn't support the proposal holding up signs that read "NO!," booing, and calling Superintendent Charles Dupre a liar.

"Excuse me, excuse me," Dupre responded. "It would be best if we conduct our meeting with a civil tone."

The group of Clements High School parents say their biggest concern is potential overcrowding for their children.

"Even if you live across the street you have to go to another elementary school," says parent David Cao. "This administration, they know that and they should do everything to avoid that from happening."

But other parents who support the proposed changes say moves need to be made to keep up with the district's rapid growth.

"We had the line of high schools that were built along time ago to deal with a certain student population," says father Mahesh Aiyer. "That population is changing and shifting over a long period of time."

Another issue at hand is the potential rezoning of students from the district's Global Studies Academies. Ali Zaidi is one of those students and wouldn't have to change schools -- but says younger students would be greatly impacted.

"It is unfair to those students who signed up for a certain school and that school environment, and to move them halfway through," says Zaidi. "I think that is unfair to them."

Fort Bend ISD will hold one more public meeting tomorrow night to discuss the global academies specifically. The board is set to vote on a final recommendation Monday.

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