Police looking for 3 men who robbed at least 2 cellphone stores


HOUSTON – Authorities are looking for three men who robbed at least two cellphone stores Wednesday in North Houston.

An employee working at Metro PCS on West Greens Road said a man walked into the store around 2:30 p.m., pretending to be a customer.

"He was asking me about the (phone) plans," said the employee who asked not to be identified.  "Then a second guy came in and then the third guy. He came in with the gun."

Surveillance video from the store shows one of the robbers point a gun at the employee and order him to the register.

"They took the money," the employee said. "They asked me for more money, 'Where is your safe?' I told them we don't have any safe."

Surveillance video from a store around the corner shows a white sedan, possibly a Lexus or Toyota, pulling up.  The "fake customer gets out, puts a hoodie on and walks toward the cell phone store.

About a minute later, another camera angle shows the two other robbers get out of the vehicle.

Harris County deputies said about two hours earlier, three men also robbed a Boost Mobile store on 12121 Veterans Memorial Drive, just a few miles from the Metro PCS store.

The getaway vehicle used for the Boost Mobile robbery was described as very similar to the one used at Metro PCS.

The Metro PCS employee said he was not hurt.  He added that the robbers only took cash from his store, and no cellphones.