Houston Auto Show opens to public

HOUSTON – Whether you like them fast with two doors or powerful with four, the 2015 Houston Auto Show has a vehicle for everybody. The show shifted into high gear and opened to the public Wednesday.

This is the view from the hood of a 2015 jeep Rubicon. You get to experience the stuff you might never try with your own SUV, like going over logs that make you feel like you're tackling boulders. Or driving up a peak.

"This is 13 feet high with 35 degree angles...35 degrees. Almost straight up," said Benito Munguia, with Jeep.

He took us on the ride up and down at the big exhibit called Camp Jeep.

"Almost as if you were going up a mountain and showing that you technically don't have to be gunning it to go up a hill. Nice and easy," said Munquia.

Houston Auto Show representatives said displays like Camp Jeep and the Dodge Ram exhibit are highly coveted. You can not only see cars, but some in action.

"There are more than 500 vehicles here. We've got them all, from your classic, vintage vehicles, your art cars, exotic cars and your cars of today. So the 2015-16 models are all here right inside the Auto Show of Houston," said Roshelle Salinas, with the Houston Auto Show.

You'll find the exotics like an Alfa Romeo, down to the luxurious like the Lexus that Carolyn Rainwater likes.

"No purchase...just looking and dreaming," said Rainwater.

The Houston Auto Show is open daily now through Sunday. The show opens at noon Thursday and Friday, then will open at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.