Thief steals tray of gold and diamond rings from Memorial Fine Watches

HOUSTON – Workers at Memorial Fine Watches say there was nothing "fine" about a man walking in, heading directly for a specific jewelry case and stealing its contents.  Surveillance video shows the man walked in, opened the door on the back of the jewelry counter, picked up a tray of gold and diamond rings and took off.

Workers said he was in the day before and not long before the theft claiming he was going to buy jewelry for his family.  That's when cameras snapped other pictures of the man with a golf club and in another picture with a backpack.   The store's owner said the man paid for nothing.

"What we thought was a customer turned out to be a thief.   He came into the store. We were taken aback.  We didn't see him. We had a situation where a showcase wasn't secured the way we normally have it," owner Jim Birdsong said.  "I'd love for him to come back and bring the merchandise and go and sin no more.  But the reality is I just would like for him to get caught so that he can't take advantage of other merchants like myself that are out there."

The man was in and out with the stolen jewelry in about 12 seconds.  Birdsong said, "It's terrible.  I really feel like a victim.  We've spent a lot of time and effort building this business over the last five years.   And for one individual to come in and compromise that for my staff and this store and this community, it's heartbreaking."

Houston police are investigating.  If you recognize the man in the video, please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.  You can remain anonymous and could earn a cash reward.