Woman accused of posing as police officer to steal

HOUSTON – A Harris County woman is in jail Friday after she allegedly impersonated a police officer twice and stole money from two victims.

Crystal Stewart, 29, is accused of pretending to be an officer and stealing cash from victims on two separate occasions.

Police said a man withdrew $1,300 from a Bank America branch on the North Freeway then drove home with Stewart following him.

When he entered his apartment, she sneaked in behind him and hit him across the back, police said.

Court documents said she handcuffed him, claiming that she was a police officer. She then took his wallet which contained the recently withdrawn $1,300, and drove away in a black SUV.

In another incident at a gas station in October, Stewart told a man that she would have sex with him for $40, according to court documents.

When the man refused, two men got out of Stewart's black SUV and pushed the victim into the vehicle, police said.

Investigators said Stewart again identified herself as a police officer, put a gun to the man's head and said she'd charge him with prostitution unless he paid her $400.

After getting the money, Stewart drove off, but not before the victim got a look at her license plate.

Stewart faces charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and impersonating an officer. She is being held in lieu of $60,000 bond.