4 men attempt to rob gas station in northwest Houston

Would-be thieves smash truck into front doors

HOUSTON – Police are searching for the group of crooks who tried to steal an ATM from a northwest Houston convenience store.

The store clerk said two men wearing hoodies entered the Texaco gas station on North Sam Houston Parkway near Ella Boulevard, pretending to be customers.

One of them walked over to the ATM, and a third man burst into the store. The third man, who was wearing a hoodie and a mask, then shouted at everyone to get down on the ground.

A fourth person then backed a silver truck into the front doors, shattering the glass and scattering merchandise across the floor of the store.

Investigators believe the crooks were after the store's ATM, but the group ended up leaving the scene without taking anything.

Texaco employees spent several hours cleaning up glass and debris after the would-be thieves left.

The store clerk told Local 2 that the amount of money in the ATM the men were after is less than the cost to repair all the damage they caused.