Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan's 911 calls released


DALLAS, Texas – Thomas Eric Duncan was the first person to die of Ebola in the United States since the recent outbreak in West Africa started.

The city of Dallas released the 911 call in response to a public records request from NBC News. Witnesses say Duncan was visibly ill as he was being taken to the ambulance.

The recording is one minute and 17 seconds long, but long enough for the caller to explain some of Duncan's symptoms.

Dispatcher: Fire Dispatch

Caller: Hello?

Dispatcher: This is the fire department.

Caller: I'm calling for ambulance please. (Inaudible) is throwing up.

Then, the dispatcher gets the address from the caller and the conversation continues.

Dispatcher: You're hurting all over?

Caller: Huh?

Dispatcher: You're hurting all over?

Caller: No, my (inaudible) is throwing up.

The ambulance is on the way. Stay as comfortable as you can until we get there.

Right how, health officials are still monitoring 48 people who came into close contact with Duncan. So far none have shown any symptoms for Ebola. All are still within the 21-day incubation period. They have about a week to go.