Watchdog: Texas lottery not rewarding some scratch-off ticket winners


HOUSTON – There's a Texas-sized controversy over lottery scratch-off tickets being sold all over the state, including Houston.

The Texas Lottery Commission is taking heat from players claiming they're being cheated by confusing rules on Fun 5's Scratch Tickets. In one case, a woman thought she won a half-million dollars, but it turns out she didn't.

Dozens of angry players have contacted Dawn Nettles, a longtime lottery watchdog, who tracks games and rules on her website.

"I suggested they need to pull these tickets. They needed to pay the people, honor the prizes and move on. Lump their losses and move on. Now that it's gone this long, I want my legislator to tell me why he's allowing the Texas Lottery to do this," said Nettles, with LottoReport.com.

The commission did send out a statement, basically explaining the rules of that particular scratch-off game.

It did stress that the commission is always ready to answer questions that any player has. It gave out this number for players to call: 800-375-6886.