Family, HPD ask for help in deadly shooting of security guard case

Rene Almeida
Rene Almeida

HOUSTON – The family of a security guard killed earlier this month is asking for help as police continue to search for the gunman.

Family members of 51-year-old Rene Almeida joined Houston police at a news briefing Monday morning. Almeida had only been working as a security guard for two weeks when he was shot and killed outside a southwest Houston condominium complex on Leawood Boulevard and Bissonnet in the early morning hours of April 18.

According to police, Almeida and the gunman got into a scuffle after the security guard refused to let the him through the gates. Only invited guests of residents with proper identification are allowed inside the complex.

Police believe the suspect may have wrestled Almeida's own gun from him and used it against him. Almeida's work belt was found on the scene but not his gun.

Family members said Almeida was a loving grandfather who had only been working at the complex for about two weeks before he was killed on the job.

"We want justice in our pursuit. If it was your dad, your grandfather, your uncle, brother, your husband, you would want somebody to come forward. My dad was the nicest person. He made friends with everybody. You don't have to give the name. Tell us if you have known something or have seen something," said his daughter, Irene Olonzo.

Detectives say they have a pretty good idea who the shooter is. They say they have information about a man who used to live at that complex who drove a motorcycle and given several trespass warnings not to return to the complex. However, investigators say they're looking for a witness who saw that person at the complex on the day and around the time Almeida was shot.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.