More than 100 cats removed from 'cat hoarding' home

HOUSTON – The Houston SPCA removed nearly 130 cats, including the decomposing body of one, from a home in northwest Harris County on Thursday.

The home is on Linecamp Drive near Rio Grande Drive and West Road in northwest Harris County. The home had urine and feces stacked several feet high.

"There's not one area, not one square inch of a clean area in the house that I could see," said J.C. Mosier, with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office.

The Houston SPCA put the cats into small carriers and loaded them into a van Thursday afternoon. Their little fearful faces peered out of the cat carriers.

Two women, who are sisters lived inside the home. One of the woman told Local 2 she suffered from depression.

"It's just mind boggling that you could live in this house," Mosier said.

The cats will be taken to get medical attention.

"The cats are emaciated and have nasal discharge. They have hair loss," Houston SPCA Spokeswoman Meera Nandlal told Local 2.

A friend of the sisters said he knew they had cats but had no idea there were so many. Bob Baldwin said the sisters would not allow him into the home. He said they had recently been struggling after the deaths of two family members.

"Things just got out of hand. They just got overwhelmed, things piled up on them. Their sister died, their mother died," Baldwin said. "They are great people. They might look a little strange but they are nice people once you get to know them."

One of the women was taken to the hospital in an ambulance as a precaution.

The other woman said she was embarrassed at the state of her home and knows she needs help. She said after the deaths of her other sister and mother she went into deep depression. She said she felt she was still in that depression.

Anyone can report animals who are in danger to the Houston SPCA by calling 713-869-7722.

You can also report it online at this website.