Local protesters speak out against government surveillance

"Restore the Fourth" group gathers on Independence Day to discuss Fourth Amendment

HOUSTON – A Facebook logo in the bottom right-hand corner, a sign read " Why can't I de-friend the N-S-A?"

This was one of many signs at Discovery Green on Thursday where protesters met to challenge what they said were violations to their fourth amendment rights.

Restore the Fourth represents a national group that describes itself as a grass-roots, non-profit, non-violent organization that sought to organize national protests on July Fourth.

According to its blog, the group believed the protests would bring awareness to what it called unconstitutional surveillance programs like the National Security Agency's PRISM.

On the streets of Houston, local protesters discussed with gathering crowds. 

"We believe strongly that the NSA has overstepped its boundaries in recording cell phone conversations, Facebook posts, google e-mails," a protester explained to Local 2.

The PRISM surveillance program was brought to the public's attention after former CIA contractor Edward Snowden leaked confidential information about the program to the press.

PRISM is a system the NSA uses to gain access to the private communications of nine internet services.

Restore the Fourth will hold another protest on Aug. 10 at Challenger Park.