2 women claim they were groped by local massage therapist

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston police are investigating after two women said they were inappropriately touched at a local massage parlor.

The women, who do not know each other, said the incidents took place during sessions with a male massage therapist at Lucky Feet on Bellaire Boulevard in June and early August.

Both asked that their identities be protected.

"Before you knew it, his hand slipped in between my underwear and he touched me. He did it again. I said, 'Hey, you are touching my private part you're not supposed to be touching my private part,' and he's like, 'Oh, sorry sorry,'" one woman told KPRC.

She said she quickly got dressed and ran out of the room to tell someone what happened.

"They were all looking at me speaking their language, like they didn't understand what I was saying," she said.

A similar story of unwanted touching came from another woman during her visit two weeks ago.

"At one point he jiggled one of my breasts and went, 'Wow.' He dried me off with the towel and then he slid the towel between my butt crack," the woman said.

Both women filed reports with the Houston Police Department in the days after their appointments.

"What he did was a criminal act," one woman said.

We spoke to the manager of Lucky Feet, who denied the women's allegations, calling them liars and saying they were only out for money.

The women have not filed a lawsuit and say they do not plan to.

"My intention is for the man who sexually assaulted me to be arrested; that's my only intention. I'm not looking for money. We aren't lying. Why would two different people make this up?" one of the women said.

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services says Lucky Feet is fully licensed to operate and there are no records of complaints against the business.

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