2 women accused of robbing man of Jay Z tickets, running him over in car

HOUSTON - Doctors say a man may be disfigured and lose some of the use of his fingers and feet after a violent robbery that started as a Craigslist posting. Two women are accused of robbing a man of Jay Z tickets he was selling through the website, then running him over in their vehicle.

We aren't identifying the 26-year-old victim because his family is still concerned for his safety.

The incident on Dec. 15, 2013, left him with a series of injuries that include a broken arm, a broken leg, crushed fingers and severe road rash to his face and body.

"He did everything right. It was a public location, broad daylight," said the victim's attorney, Andino Reynal.

He says it all began when the man went online trying to sell tickets to a Jay Z concert at Toyota Center on Craigslist.

The victim set up a meeting at a Heights-area Starbucks, but when the suspects -- later identified as Denitra Green and Cessica Darden -- pulled up, they told him they had a baby in the car and they asked him to come outside.

"He leaned into the car to start discussing the transaction with the women when one of them snatched the tickets out of his hand, and the other one hit the gas as hard as she could," Reynal said.

With his arm stuck to the car, the man was then dragged 200 yards. The man asked Green to stop the vehicle, but she refused and Darden kicked his arm to try to get him off the car, according to court documents. Eventually, the man fell off and the suspect's vehicle ran him over.

Police say several witnesses saw the car speeding down Durham with the man hanging on. One of them was able to write down the license plate number.

The women got away with the tickets and, according to the criminal complaint, used them attending the Jay Z concert.

"Both of them were actually interviewed at the Jay Z concert. They cared little enough for my client's welfare that they felt comfortable enough going to the show with their best friends," said Reynal.

Police arrested the 20-year-old Green, charging her and her friend, Darden, 20, with aggravated robbery.

According to court documents, they admitted to being at the Starbucks and showed no emotion or remorse when police showed them a picture of the victim in the emergency room.

Green is out of jail on bond and Darden has not yet been arrested. Bond was set at $30,000 each.

The victim's attorney says his client's family is very concerned about others falling into the same trap and they are urging everyone to use caution when they go online to sell something.

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