2 Texans fans injured at game file lawsuits

HOUSTON - Two Houston Texans fan who were hurt during the team's season opener at Reliant Stadium have filed lawsuits.

Scott Woodard, 55, is suing the Houston Texans, SMG and the Harris County Convention & Sports Corporation, claiming negligence.

Woodard said that at first he didn't realize what had hit him.

"I thought it was a beer bottle," he said. "Checked my head and blood was pouring everywhere."

It turned out to be an LED panel.

The lawsuit claims that the three companies did not properly install the panel, did not properly inspect and maintain the panel, didn't train their employees to maintain the panel and didn't provide Woodard a safe place to sit at the stadium.

Woodard, a season ticket holder, had to go to Methodist Hospital after the panel hit him in the head. He had to get seven staples to close the wound.

The lawsuit is asking for damages for past and future physical pain and mental anguish, medical expenses, past and future loss earnings, physical impairment, disfigurement, court costs and "other relief."

Brian Black, who was sitting two seats away from Woodard, said he was also hit by a piece of falling metal.

"What if that thing hit a baby that was in its mother's hands?" Black said.

Both men are being represented by attorney Brent Coon.

"There are some rumors that maybe the fans were striking some of the equipment, causing the panel to fall," Coon said.

Woodard said he wants action taken so no one else gets hurt.

"I'm pretty sure the same thing could happen, so I rather just get it fixed," he said.

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