2 stray dogs shot in a northeast Harris County neighborhood

1 dog killed, 2nd injured

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Neighbors who live near the 11700 block of Padok Road in northeast Harris County want to know who shot two dogs.

One of the dogs died and the other was badly hurt. They were found laying in someone's front yard.

"It was so sad, I just started crying," said Joy Boatman, who lives down the road. "I'm not sure why anyone would shoot an animal like that."

That's what investigators want to know also. The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Neighbors believe the dogs were strays, but deputies told KPRC Local 2 it's still a crime to harm them.

Unless the dogs are aggressive or putting your life in danger citizens have no right to shoot them.

Neighbors also have concerns about their own safety and the safety of their pets. They said someone was being careless with a gun and they wonder what, or who, the next target might be.

"On this block we have four small children" said Boatman.

"Oh yeah, we've got a dog that we let out in the front yard and we worry that she's gonna get shot," said Megan Carden, another concerned neighbor.

The Sheriff's Office is investigating and asks anyone with information to call them.

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