2 penguin chicks hatch at Moody Gardens

There are two new residents at Moody Gardens. Two Gentoo penguin chicks hatched over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The first chick was found about 9 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

"As we were changing light bulbs and cleaning inside the exhibit, the parents stood up and we found the chick tucked beneath them in the nest," Moody Gardens biologist Hector Morale.

The staff found the second egg the next day.

As of Wednesday morning, one penguin weighed 165 grams and the other weighed 344 grams. They'll be full grown in about eight weeks.

The genders of the penguins have not been determined yet, but tests will be done soon.

The parents, informally called "Stimpy" and "Porky," have had chicks in the past, officials said.

A contest will be held to name the new penguins.

The chicks will be on exhibit at Moody Gardens for a while, but they may be sent to other institutions when they mature enough. People can watch the penguins live online.