2 men arrested after police chase; cops find police gear in truck

Police: Pair threw guns out car window during chase

HOUSTON - Two men were arrested Tuesday afternoon after leading police on a chase through southwest Houston, throwing several guns out of the window along the way, according to police.

The chase began when the driver refused to pull over for a routine traffic stop at Quail Park Drive and McHard Road while nearby schools were being let out.

When the nearly 10 minute chase ended at the intersection of Castleview Lane and Blue Ridge Road, investigators said they discovered several police T-shirts inside their truck, possibly used by the suspects to impersonate police officers.

"You got people leading cops on a police chase," witness Maystead Allen said. "And they don't even have the wherewithal to stop and have a concern for the kids. I hope they prosecute them to the fullest extent. I mean, you got kids out here and you're running from the cops? Someone could've really got hurt."

Houston police have not yet released the names of the suspects or what charges they will face. However, police said they believe the pair may have also been involved in a number of home invasions.

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