2 arrested after pharmacy break-in

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Two men are in police custody after a pharmacy was broken into on the north side of Houston.

Police said the suspects triggered the security alarm at the North Houston Pharmacy, located off the 7000 block of 45 North Freeway, around 2 a.m. Monday.

"The reason why we have security cameras and bars in front of the doors is because this happens to pharmacies all of the time," said pharmacist Sheryl Denning. "People have tried to break in before but never like this," she said.

Denning said two men broke into the doctor's office next door to access the pharmacy.

"They cut holes through the clinic next door, climbed inside, and then got into the pharmacy. People are mainly after pain killers, but we don't have prescription drugs like Oxycontin, codeine, or Xanax here. We are a pediatric pharmacy and only carry items like Pedialyte and children's allergy medicine. So they didn't find what they were after," said Denning.

While the men were inside of pharmacy, officers were waiting for them in the parking lot.

The two suspects were arrested and taken downtown.

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