2 armed men wanted for stealing UPS truck

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A manhunt is underway for a group of thieves who carjacked a UPS delivery driver, making off with a truck full of parcels.

The UPS driver was on his morning route when two armed men got their hands on his truck. The UPS driver wasn't hurt but was visibly shaken as he walked away from the scene of the crime with a co-worker.

Neighbor Rudy Vera was asleep inside when the carjacking happened, but his nephew filled him in when he woke up.

"It's crazy to see something like this. Not here," said Vera.

The truck was stolen near the 11000 block of Little Barley Court and was found just a short time later near the 8200 block of Deborah, not far from the northwest Harris County neighborhood where it was taken.

Authorities were able to locate the truck thanks to a GPS tracking device in the handheld computer that was in the truck when the armed thieves took it. The pair made a clean getaway before police arrived, but they didn't leave empty-handed.

Deputies say some of the packages were missing and it appears many of the ones left behind had been opened and rifled through.

Witnesses say the thieves may have loaded some of the stolen packages onto a U-haul that was spotted in the vicinity.

It's unclear exactly what the thieves were after. UPS says it's cooperating with law enforcement investigating this case.

Deputies processed the truck for evidence at the location where it was found.

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