12-12-12 prompts security increase at 2 schools

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Kids were certainly not immune to the rampant speculation swirling around Wednesday's numerical oddity of a calendar date. Unfortunately for kids at two Houston area schools, this date led to an increase in security because of rumors that spread through the halls.

"I've already been talking to my son about these 2012 rumors," said parent Stephanie Bauer. "I tell him it's important to not even start a rumor like that or if you think something like that is going to happen, go tell a teacher."

Not everybody got that advice. Police presence had to be increased at Atascosita High School in the Humble Independent School District and at Schindewolf Intermediate in the Klein ISD. The reason for the increased security was a pair of rumors that the schools would see some type of attack on 12-12-12.

"It really does have serious consequences. If it involves security, the authorities, someone could possibly get in trouble or hurt," said Bauer.

There were never actually any threats made to either school, according to officials in both districts. Klein ISD officials wrote to parents that a story circulated that a student was planning to bring a gun to class but, "a thorough and expeditious investigation of the matter was conducted by the administration, and the information was found to be a rumor."

Humble ISD school officials posted to parents, "students were discussing the rarity of 12/12/12 as a calendar date and one student joked, 'I bet somebody will shoot up a school.' From there, rumor of a safety threat at AHS quickly spread."

"You have to be very careful what you say because what you say will not only affect yourself but will affect other people," said parent Thuy Garcia. "You know you can't avoid listening to it, but if you really want to know the truth you need to go to your parent and ask them."

The school day passed quietly on both campuses. Local 2 also checked with several other school districts in our area, none reported any problems on campus.

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