$1,000 reward offered for missing dog

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - A couple has put up flyers, hoping someone recognizes their missing dog and calls them.

"It has torn us apart. I have never had anything so devastating happen to ey in my life," said Geraldine Barthlowe.

Geraldine and Tom Barthlowe are heartbroken after their 3-year-old dog was stolen. Their misfortune began days earlier, when a staph infection sent Geraldine Barthlowe to a hospital, causing the couple to miss the funeral that brought them to Houston.

They went to pick up medication at a CVS drugstore off Ella and F.M. 1960, Tom Barthlowe went in to pick up the prescription. At first, Geraldine Barthlowe stayed in the car with their dog, Honey. But soon, she followed her husband inside the store to remind him to grab a few things.

"I just told Honey, I said, 'Honey, now stay real still, and momma will be right back," said Geraldine Barthlowe.

In the short time she was in the store, a thief stole the couple's car with their dog still inside.

"You wonder what has happened to her, if she is being mistreated, if she is getting something to eat and what is going through that little mind of hers," said Geraldine Barthlowe.

After KPRC Local 2 aired the story of the couple's misfortune, calls came pouring in from viewers touched by their heart-wrenching story.

"I see the pictures of the dog, and I was like, that could be my dog, or anybody else's dog. It really touched my heart," Houstonian Eduardo Martinez said.

Being a dog lover, Martinez wanted to help. He decided to offer a $1,000 reward for the return of the couple's dog.

"For all the dog lovers out there, they know exactly what I am talking about. There is a special bond between your dog and yourself," said Martinez.

The Barthlowes were speechless by the kindness of strangers.

"We will forever be grateful to him, forever," said Geraldine Barthlowe.

The couple has prolonged their trip, hoping someone recognizes their dog honey and gives them a call.

Anyone with information about Honey is asked to call Tom and Gerladine Barthlowe at 850-728-6998 or Eduardo Martinez 956-457-1069.

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