1 dead after robbery, shooting at Houston Chinese restaurant

HOUSTON - A suspect is on the run after a fatal shooting at a Chinese restaurant in southeast Houston.

It happened around 10:30 a.m. Monday at Mah Express located in the 4565 Griggs at Calhoun.

The restaurant wasn't open yet when the gunman walked in. Police say the owner tried to tell him there was no money, but the shooter didn't care.

Family members gather in front of Mah Express. As they talk to police they try to make sense of the murder of a loved one. Those who live in this area are struggling for answers as well.

"It's very unfortunate. I tell you for people to lose their lives over maybe a few dollars," said neighbor Pearl Piggot.

The owner, 49-year-old Cheun-Wei Mah, was behind the counter when the man pulled out his gun and demanded cash.

"He said there was no money right now and that's when he was shot," said HPD Sgt. Melissa Holbrook.

Police say the owner's brother, 46-year-old Victor Mah, was cooking in the kitchen when he heard the shot.

Police say Victor Mah raced to save his brother and was also shot. He was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital and expected to survive.

Cheun-Wei Mah died at the scene.

The gunman quickly sped away and police are now checking for fingerprints and trying to track down another eyewitness. Police say another employee of the store was here when the brother were shot.

"He got scared and took off, so we ask him to contact us," said Sgt. Holbrook said.

There were no cameras in the restaurant. Police areĀ  reviewing surveillance video from this neighboring AutoZone. Detectives are also working to see if the man described as the shooter here matches descriptions from other robberies in this area.

Witnesses say the shooting drove off in a white SUV, possibly with a chrome roof rack.

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