If you’re asking, ‘When will I get my tax refund?’ These answers should help

Timing can vary, but we’ll break down some guidelines on what to expect

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Pexels photo

If you’re one of the many people expecting a refund from the government this tax season, hooray! That’s great news.

Even if it’s not as big of a refund as you’d like, it’s usually better to get something back, rather than owing.

Forbes has estimated that in a typical year, about 75% of American taxpayers get refunds.

So, that’s a lot of people waiting on a check around this time of year.

If you’re one of the filers who’s done the work and you’re ready for your refund now, are you feeling like you need some answers?

The hard part is, unfortunately, it'll depend on quite a few factors as to when exactly you'll receive that check.

Here's a guide, provided by Forbes:

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