SUPPORT LOCAL: Kloud10 CBD Wellness challenged by coronavirus pandemic in second month of business

Kloud10 CBD Wellness in Katy, Texas. (Facebook/Kloud10)

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After finally opening its doors in January, Kloud10 CBD Wellness is being setback by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had just started our store operations in January of 2020, with any small new business it takes time to get it off the ground, just as it looked like things were going to pick up the COVID-19 crisis struck us and we have barely seen customers the last several weeks leading up to this stay at home order,” owner Qusai Yassine wrote to KPRC.

Unlike many large companies, small business owners can’t reopen once they’re forced to close.

“We don’t want to close our doors or stop trying to provide our products and services and to that end, we are willing to bring all our products out of the store and deliver them,” Yassine said.

In 2017, Yassine’s father lost his job with ExxonMobil after 20 years with the company, and he wasn’t able to find new job in the last three years.

In 2019, Yassine’s father was misdiagnosed with lymphoma. According to Yassine, the diagnoses shook their whole family. This when they decided to start their business, Kloud10 CBD Wellness.

"I had been working in smoke shops at the time and had already been selling some CBD products but wasn’t sure if they actually would benefit him. When he got a second opinion from his doctor about trying some the doctor actually said ‘why not,’” Yassine said.

Just a few weeks after trying a bottle of the oil, the family witnessed positive results. Yassine’s father felt more relaxed and swelling in his neck subsided.

“From that moment my dad took his whole 401K and life savings, and me and him got started on trying to open our own store, sticking to our mission to look for reputable and high-quality products that would bring people the same benefits that my dad received,” Yassine said. "It was a hard and long road but we finally opened our doors in mid-January of 2020.”

Kloud10 CBD Wellness, open daily, is located in Katy at 3719 N Fry Rd Suite C.

Its current business hours are from noon to 8 p.m.

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