This company makes activewear infused with CBD

The CBD trend has now reached clothing

By Jack Roskopp - Graham Media Group


If you want to stay fit and possibly reap the benefits of CBD at the same time, we have just the product for you.

A new clothing company called Acabada Active is combining its trendy and popular activewear clothing with CBD to offer customers a new way to benefit from CBD while getting a good workout in. 

If you're familiar with CBD products, you've probably heard of the compound being infused into gummy treats or even a piece of chocolate, but we bet you've never heard of it being infused into fabric. 

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The company's website says that each of its products is infused with 25 grams of CBD in strategic spots, so the CBD can soothe your sore muscles and joints while you work out. It's a pretty great idea for people who want to stay fit but also have restrictions.

Acabada says on its website that the company infuses its fabrics with microscopic CBD droplets that are wrapped in a super fancy protective coating to protect the CBD until the release is triggered. Once you put on the activewear and start working out, the CBD droplets are released onto your skin and begin to help your muscles and joints. 

The company says the technology it uses to get the CBD to stay on the fabric is similar to clothes that have aloe vera or perfumes infused in them.

The main downside of the activewear is that the CBD does not stay infused into the clothing for that long. The website says the CBD will stay for about 40 washes, and after that, you are just left with the super cute activewear. 

Acabada has tons of different styles you can shop from, including sports bras, leggings and jackets. The prices are a lot higher than activewear you could get at a local mall ($180 for a pair of leggings), but your average leggings aren't infused with CBD. 

Take a look at some of their clothes below from the company's Instagram. 


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Could you just apply some CBD oil or lotion to your aching muscles and joints before you work out instead of purchasing CBD-infused clothing? Absolutely. But if you have the means for this luxury brand, why not try it? We'd love to hear your feedback if you do. 

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