Is Houston a friendly city for singles? This is what a new study says

HOUSTON – Wondering why you still haven't found "the one" while living in the country's fourth most populated city?

A study by WalletHub.com compared 182 cities across the US to determine which cities were the best for singles. Houston came in at number 25 in the list.

Researchers took into consideration 35 key indicators to determine which cities were the most dating-friendly. The indicators included things such as the average price for a cocktail, the number of nightlife options, and the city's weather and walkability.

All key indicators were placed into three categories: economics, fun and recreation, and dating opportunities.

The Bayou city ranked number 20 in the 'Fun & Recreation' category and number 63 in 'Dating Opportunities'.

According to the study, more entertainment choices and a low cost of living don't matter much when it comes to finding a soulmate if the number of potential mates to meet are limited in your area.

Around 45 percent of all adults in the country are still unmarried, according to the United States Census Bureau. That includes all of those who are divorced, widowed or never been married. But the number of singles in each city and the ratio of women to men can vary in each.

Here is a list of the top 5 best cities for singles in the U.S.:

1.) Atlanta
2.) Denver
3.) San Francisco
4.) San Diego
5.) Portland

Here is how all Texas cities did:

14.) Austin
28.) San Antonio
47.) Dallas
67.) Lubbock
86.) Corpus Christi
91.) El Paso
100.) Arlington
109.) Irving
114.) Amarillo
128.) Plano
157.) Grand Prairie
161.) Garland
170.) Laredo
179.) Brownsville

Here is a list of the bottom 5 worst cities for singles in the U.S.:

178.) South Burlington, Vermont
179.) Brownsville
180.) Glendale, California
181.) Pembroke Pines, Florida
182.) Pearl City, Hawaii

You can find the full list of cities, along with the study's results here.