Houston home decor blogger shares how to make a DIY wall jewelry organizer

Get the toolbox ready for this cute project that won't break the bank.

HOUSTON - Houston mother Lauren Beavers, from Hand Makes Home, is a DIY and home decor blogger who wants to inspire others to create spaces they love and get those decoration ideas they find on magazines or Pinterest to work.

She is passionate about DIY projects that can save you money and she stopped by our studio with an affordable project to get you started.

It’s a wall jewelry organizer that can be made in two ways, each costing under $20, and you can turn a simple wooden piece into a stylish piece for your bedroom.

“It’s perfect to hang those long necklaces or earrings in your closet,” said Beavers, who says you can adjust the size of the jewelry hanger.

“Another way that you can use this instead of a jewelry organizer, if you just do the bar piece leave out the hooks you can use this as a photo ledge, just have the piece upside down,” she said.

Wall jewelry organizer ( 2  ways)

•    Wood saw, any kind
•    Drill, drill bit
•    Multipurpose glue
•    Sandpaper or sanding sponge
•    Tape measure
•    Pencil
•    Paint,paintbrush

Materials (per organizer)
•    1-inch X 3 inches X 4’ piece of poplar wood
•    3/16-inch brass round tube, 6 inches long
•    No.212 15/16 brass screw syes
•    18 No. 214  13/16 screw eyes
•    18 3/4-inch brass cup hooks
•    1 1/4-inch wood screw
•    Picture hanging strips, optional
•    Paint or wood stain, depending on your preferred design.

Cut your 1x3 down to the size you need. For an 18" long cut (2) 18” pieces per jewelry hanger.

Attach the two pieces together with your wood screws making an ‘l’ shape.

Sand, then paint or stain the wood.

Pre-drill small holes an inch apart all along the bottom where your small screw eyes and cup hooks will be.  For an 18” pieces jewelry hanger you can end up with 18 holes for each.

For the part where the bar will be, screw four of your larger brass eye hooks 6 inches apart. You’ll then glue the 3 brass tubes together and insert that through the hooks, adding a small drop of glue at each hook to secure.

To hang them, either screw them directly into studs in the wall or use picture hanging strips to attach them to the wall for a less permanent option.

Instructions provided by Lauren Beavers.


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