Easy ways to declutter a space and spark joy

How you can incorporate the KonMari method into your routine

HOUSTON - Less clutter, more joy is the thought behind the popular KonMari method of organizing and decluttering a space.

Ashley Barber, organizing coach and KonMari consultant from Simply Maven, explains the basics behind this movement and how you can use Marie Kondo's technique in your own spaces. 

One way to get started is by focusing on a specific category, like clothes. 

Start by piling all of your clothes together and then begin sorting.

Choose what sparks joy and send everything else off with a "thank you." 

After you discard what you don't wear or want anymore, then you can store the clothes vertically in a drawer or on a shelf in a closet. 

“When you vertical file fold it, you can actually see everything at once and that’s a goal,” Barber explains.

By following these easy steps, you are creating a home that sparks joy and developing an appreciation for your belongings and items you use every day. 

To connect with Ashley, visit www.simplymavenhtx.com.


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