Young local BMX racers heading to World Championships in France

These 12-year-old racers know a thing or two about speed and are gearing up to compete in the BMX World Championships in France.

HOUSTON – Two twelve-year-old BMX racers know a thing or two about speed and are proving just how talented they are on the track as they head to the World Championships in France. LJ Harashe and CJ Rivera are close friends that met on the tracks and have been practicing at Rockstar Energy Bike Park in Greenspoint perfecting their skills. The boys have advanced to participation in regional BMX biking events and most recently, traveled to South Carolina to a National Qualifier event where they were placed on the US BMX Team. 

In July, they will speed off to compete in the World Championship in Nantes, France  representing the US.  This US BMX group is the road to the Olympics where they can also get the opportunity to impress representatives and be considered for the Olympic team. You can find links to both racer’s GoFund me accounts if you would like to support them in their efforts to winning the championships in France.

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LJ Harashe

CJ Rivera

Rockstar has an annual event every March called the Lone Star National.  Riders of all levels from toddlers on pedal-free balance bikes to professionals representing countries from all over the world usually participate in this event and they even host Olympic medalists during this special occasion.  Admission is free and a group of local professionals assist with the BMX coaching, teamwork, discipline, nutrition, and character. Click here to learn more about Rockstar Energy Bike Park!

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