Skip the protein bar! Houston fitness instructor shares best foods to fuel your workouts

HOUSTON – If you’re looking for a way to step up your fitness routine this year, here’s something that might interest you. Did you know certain foods can actually help you take your workout further? AJ “The Cardio Killer” Nebe shares what we should be eating before and after our workouts.

“You want to treat your body like a Ferrari,” said Nebe. “Ferrari’s are made to be fueled by premium gas. Of course, you can use unleaded, but the car will not run at its full capability.”

According to Nebe, the perfect pre-workout meal should consist of two things: carbs and protein. Meals should be consumed one to three hours before exercising, however liquid meals like protein smoothies can be consumed closer to your workout.

“If you have undigested food in your system, that may cause discomfort during your workout,” said Nebe.

Here are some foods Nebe recommends to consume before exercising.


AJ Nebe, Fitness Instructor, says reach for sweet potatoes as a pre-workout snack. (HausOnThePrairie)
  • Lean protein: boosts metabolism & increase fat burning
  • Sweet potatoes: provide steady energy for longer period
  • Greek yogurt: contains amino acids, which help generate muscles

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