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Travel Post-Covid-19: 5 trends you need to know about before booking your next trip

Once the dust settles on coronavirus, what will that mean for your travel plans? Travel expert, Gabe Saglie is sharing 5 trends to help us plan our next getaway.

HOUSTON – From disrupted business trips to canceled vacation plans, covid-19 hit the world-wide travel industry hard.

Experts are saying one thing is certain, traveling will look very different after the coronavirus pandemic is under control.

Travel expert, Gabe Saglie shares 5 travel trends post coronavirus you need to know about before making future travel decisions.


Travel now through much of the rest of 2020 will be as inexpensive and as flexible as it’s been in many, many years, (meant to incentivize demand and help consumers overcome fears around booking).


While May has been the month that travel companies began to put more ad dollar behind their promos, June is when aircraft come back online, (more people flying), some cruises re-launch, some destinations (like Vegas) open in earnest, etc.


Drive market destinations, and smaller open-space locations -- spots only, 2 or 3 hours from Houston -- will benefit right out of the gate


U.S. travel will pick up first, international travel will follow, likely late 2020 and into 2021


Sailings returning in a few weeks, but bookings really ramp up late 2020 and especially Q1 of 2021 -- the avid cruiser will not be deterred

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