Camp For All is throwing a pie in your face for a good cause

HOUSTON – Through the years, thousands of campers, volunteers, doctors, nurses and staff have been “pied” in the face at Camp For All. It’s a great example of the joy and fun campers experience at their barrier-free campsite in Burton, Texas.

But right now, campers aren’t getting that opportunity because of the coronavirus. So today, camp for all is asking for support through donations, and A PIE IN THE FACE!

Camp For All has partnered with MOGAS Industries for a fun challenge in order to raise money and awareness for the children and adults with challenging illnesses and special needs that they serve.

Generous donors Louis and Matt Mogas and MOGAS Industries have agreed to match all gifts up to $50,000. So, if someone gives $50-- that's $100 for Camp For All! Their goal is to raise $50,000 to help Camp be ready for campers when it’s safe again.

For more information, just go to campforall.org, and watch as Lauren Kelly takes a PIE TO THE FACE for their challenge!

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