A list of our favorite Houston artists to jam to while you’re at home

HOUSTON – One thing we’re can all agree we’re feeling is BORED!

Good thing Houston has some of the biggest musical artists out there to pick a few tunes to listen to.

Whether you’re cleaning, working out, ahem...snacking (it’s ok if you are, lol) or relaxing, take a look at the playlist of H-Town artists we picked to help get us through the day.


Queen B has enough songs to make 100 playlists of her own, but we’ll give you our top 3 choices.

1. Crazy In Love - Arguably her biggest hit, plus there’s never a bad time to listen to this song.

2. Love On Top - A light, upbeat song that’s sure to have your head bobbin’ and your toes tappin'. You’ll forget about all the laundry you still have to fold.

3. Check Up On It - Such a good one, and BONUS! Another Houston artist, Slim Thug, is also featured on this song.


Hey, maybe you’re doing a lot of binge watching while you’re stying at home, and you came across LAGUNA BEACH (yasssss!) Remember the theme song? Hilary’s “Come Clean” will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.


I love that Travis has the same amount of nostalgia for Astroworld as we all do. So much so, that his latest album was named after the now-closed theme park. “Sicko Mode” and “Butterfly Effect" were great picks off that album, but one of his earlier singles “Antidote,” is still a fan fav.


Good As Hell,” “Truth Hurts,” “Juice,” and “Cuz I Love You” are only a few samples of why you should be listening to Alief’s own Lizzo. This is Lizzo’s world, we’re just listening to her songs and livin’ in it.


WHAT IT DO BABY! The Ice Man will always make us want to have GRILLZ of our own, but his songs will definitely help get you through the day. “Sittin Sidewayz,” “Still Trippin,” “I’m Throwed,” and “They Don’t Know” are only a few of Paul’s hits that will put you in a good mood.


Hot Girl Summer is about to start up again, and that’s definitely thanks to Megan The Stallion. Hailing from Pearland, Megan’s songs will get stuck in your head and make you feel like a total bad b. Check out some of her hits like “Big Ole Freak,” “Simon Says Ft. Juicy J,” “Tina Montana,” and then hop over to her new album “Suga.”

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