Knock out termites and get ready for pool season

HOUSTON – Spring is a popular time of year for… termites!

These pesky bugs are known to be on the move with warmer temperatures.

Prepare and protect your property with help from ABC Home & Commercial Services.

President Raleigh Jenkins shares tips for homeowners to remember and a treatment plan that can help them combat any looming termite invasion.

The product, called Sentricon, is a bait system installed in stations, buried underground, around the home.

Termites will then carry the bait back to colony.

These plans work if you are currently experiencing a termite infestation or as a proactive approach to protecting your home.

It’s also time for pool owners to make sure their pools are ready for a busy summer season.

ABC Home & Commercial Services offers maintenance and care programs for pool owners, that include cleaning up debris, testing water quality, equipment and chlorine levels.

For more information, log on to ABCHomeandCommerical.com or call 281-730-9500.

*Please note the special offer mentioned in this segment is valid only on March 3, 2020.