Houston stylists reveal 3 easy hairstyles to get you through the workweek

Plus, products to help prolong your styles and keep them looking fresh and new

HOUSTON – No one likes a bad hair day, right? Stop struggling with your hair and take the guesswork out of what to do with it every day, by incorporating some pro tips and tricks into your beauty routine.

Rachel Gower and Cecilia Kerr with The Upper Hand share some ideas to take you from Day 1 through Day 5.

DAY 1: Start with a great blowout


They recommend using Oribe Gel Serum ($63) to lock in this look. This product helps you build a great foundation and makes it easier to style for the rest of the week as well. Also, adding a little dry shampoo on day 1 at night is a great trick from the stylists.

What about dry shampoo?

It’s a great insurance policy for your blowout. Use it correctly though, not too close to the scalp, because doing so could create a more noticeable build-up. Also, remember using dry shampoo on hair that is already oily is like throwing away good money.

DAY 2: The Magic Restyle


Break out the Velcro Rollers for a quick fix technique to add some volume back to your 2-day hair. Place them on top of the center of your part! Here’s a pro tip: your rollers should be the same size as your round brush. They recommend Oribe’s Mystify Restyle ($44).

DAY 3: The Cheerleader Pony

Easy ways to style your hair for the week.
Easy ways to style your hair for the week.

You can never go wrong with a high pony. This trend is currently sweeping the updo nation. Positioning is key, go from the side of your eye to the center of your head to see how high your pony should go. Then touch-up or fill in any gaps on the scalp with a root touch-up powder. Finish the look with a hot tool to get that perfect pony twist. They recommend using Style Edit ($34) and Oribe Super Fine Strong Hairspray ($42) to set this style.

DAYS 4 and 5: Start all over or add a new twist to pony

By this point in the week, you might be ready for a clean start or a blowout. But you can definitely keep building on the foundation you already have by doing a sleek low pony and then a messy bun the next day.


Easy ways to style your hair for the week.
Easy ways to style your hair for the week.

A good foundation blowout, restyling product and dry shampoo can easily get you through the week. Unless you're doing something like hot yoga!


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