Get the body you want at Downtown Houston’s Tru Essence Spa

New Year, New Body

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HOUSTON – The holidays are gone, and now it’s time to get your body back.

Whether you want to get rid of excess fat cells or get rid loose skin, there are many options available for you at Tru Essence Spa to meet your needs, including CoolSculpting.

“It’s a non-invasive way to remove excess fat cells anywhere on the body. And therefore, because it’s non-invasive, there is no downtime. And you can get back to work the same day,” said Dr. Dr Lashondria Simpson-Camp, owner and medical director with Tru Essence Spa.

“The results will be a little bit slower than say, liposuction. The results take about two to three months to really see a good result. And that’s because the fat cells are slowly dying. But the benefits of that, is that it allows your skin to contract, so you are not left with a lot of loose skin after your results,” said Simpson-Camp, who also mentioned, this procedure works under buttocks, inner and outer thigh.

Many Tru Essence Spa patients get CoolSculpting to get rid those pesky love handles around the waist, like Kandance Kaylee, who loved her results, especially in her abdomen.

“I could tell a huge difference and It feels so good because It feels flat all the time,” said Kaylee.

If you want to drop pounds in different way, Dr. Camp can customize any diet to suit your lifestyle and offers supervised weight loss with the popular HCG diet.

BodyTite is another alternative that includes skin tightening plus liposuction.

“It is minimally invasive, so there is some of downtime. I have to use a device to go under the skin to tighten the skin. You get full thickness, collagen development throughout the entire layers of the skin. After that, I go back in with the liposuction wand to remove the excess fat cells and the fat cells that have been liquefied due to the skin tightening procedure,” said Dr. Camp.

To book one of these treatments, call 713-485-5200 or visit the website TruEssenceSpa.com