Useful gadgets that will make cleaning your home way easier

Clean home solutions for 2020

HOUSTON – The latest technology and gadgets make it easier than ever to have a clean and tidy home.

Home improvement and lifestyle expert, Kathryn Emery, shares some solutions for a healthy home.

Use natural products to clean floors

Rejuvenate Green Natural
Rejuvenate Green Natural (KPRC)

Product: Rejuvenate Green Natural

Clean your floors, naturally. This unique formulation is eco-friendly and makes dirty floors and surfaces brighter after every use.

“This is for all floors. Stone, tile, laminate. There’s a hard-wood formula. It’s a plant-based formula. It will get rid of all that dust, debris, grime. It will bring out that shine. And it’s got an onyx finish where it will dry right away,” said Emery.

Available at: Lowe’s

Drill attachment helps with cleaning

RotoScrub (KPRC)

Product: RotoScrub

These scouring pads and brushes work with every kind of drill, impact driver, or cordless screwdriver and lets the tool do all the cleaning for you.

“They will do everything. Your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, your floors, the grout, toilets, your tires, your grill. You just change the attachment out and put it right on. Sometimes you don’t even need soap because it’s the motion that will actually pull all the dirt up,” said Emery.

Available at: Walmart

Humidifier with smart technology

Air Innovations Humidifier
Air Innovations Humidifier (KPRC)

Product: Air Innovations Humidifier

This humidifier is one of the longest running humidifiers available and it will automatically shut off when out of water.

“It has antimicrobial inhibitor in the base and in the tank. So, no germs. The beautiful thing is its top fill design because the biggest pain in the butt is taking that thing out. If this is full, it can last up to 12 days,” said Emery.

Available at: Air Innovations

Get cleaner water in the kitchen

A.O. Smith Water Filter
A.O. Smith Water Filter (KPRC)

Product: A.O. Smith Water Filter

This under-the-sink water filtration system provides you with clean water to cook. It also reduces up to 99% of 6 harmful contaminants including chlorine.

“It takes 10 minutes to install it. Anyone can do it. No plumbing experience required. Once it’s in there, you’re then only going to have to change its filter about twice a year. So, you’re saving tons of money and you’re getting filtered water right there,” said Emery.

Available at: Lowe’s

Get cleaner water in the shower

Nepwiz Shower Filter
Nepwiz Shower Filter (KPRC)

Product: Nepwiz Shower Filter

This filter removes toxic chlorine from your shower and as a result, promises to give you better skin conditions and more manageable hair.

“You don’t want to change your whole water filter. If you love your shower head, you can just add it in here it,” said Emery.

Available at: Amazon

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