The Hat Store near the Galleria will help you find the perfect fit for National Hat Day

HOUSTON – Who knew there were so many ways to customize a great western hat? With so many styles, and so many selections, why not leave it to the pros to at The Hat Store to help you find that perfect fit.

Just in time for National Hat Day this week, owner Russell Molina and his crew, (who, all combined, have 100+ years of hat making experience under their belt!) showed us all the choices you have these days when it come to selecting the hat that’s just right for your head.

Why do people come to The Hat Store? Experience is the number one answer.

So if you’ve always wanted a great-fitting cowboy/western/dress hat to wear to...let’s say the rodeo?? A stop into The Hat Store is a must. You’re sure to get a great experience, AND a great hat.

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