How lasers can help treat your skin conditions

Lasers aren’t just for hair removal

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HOUSTON – Traditionally when we hear about lasers, a lot of people might think about laser hair removal. But there so many new options with lasering that can treat a wide variety of skin conditions and diseases, and even help you reverse the ageing process.

“Lasering is a great nonsurgical option that helps tighten the skin of the neck and face. We have a laser here called Forma. It’s radiofrequency and it helps you develop collagen in this region which is very hard to treat. Most people don’t want to go under the knife due to various reasons, so this option is safe. It’s non-painful and there’s no downtime,” said Dr. Lashondria Simpson-Camp, owner and medical director with Tru Essence Spa, a cosmetic and medical spa in Downtown Houston that offers a number of laser skin treatments.

“There’s a laser which does skin tightening and gets rids of scarring of the face. It’s called Fractora. It’s a little bit more painful, so we do numb you for that procedure and there’s a little bit of downtime, but it works wonders. Photofacials are traditionally for your sun spots and age spots. A lot of people might recognize the name IPL or intense pulse light therapy, and that’s great for our lighter skin tone individuals to get rid of the sun spots,” said Simpson-Camp.

Another popular laser is called Aerolase, a laser that’s safe for darker complexions and also treats psoriasis, red vessels on the face or body and melasma.

“Lasering is great to treat those dark spots. It’s a very gentle and safe way of getting those dark spots to fade,” said Dr Simpson-Camp, who also recommends this laser to treat ingrown hairs and toenail fungus.

“The treatment is really simple. It just requires me to laser around the toenail bed and the toenail itself with no numbing required and there is no downtime,” she said.

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