Check out Houston’s largest gingerbread and chocolate display downtown

HOUSTON – Here’s one way to enjoy 6.5 MILLION calories without actually eating them...

Pastry chefs Mahesh Weerasinghe and Glenna Artripe of the Hilton Americas Downtown have put together another sweet creation for the holiday season: a 2.5 ton gingerbread and chocolate display...the largest in Houston.

It’s handcrafted from 700 pounds of gingerbread, 30 gallons of molasses, 500 pounds of butter, 900 pounds of sugar and 880 eggs. Each cookie-brick was applied by hand, one at a time, using 250 pounds of royal icing to secure them.

And that’s not all; the figures and toys are hand-sculpted using 1,200 pounds of dark chocolate, and then hand-painted with 800 pounds of tinted white chocolate to create the illusion of real-life toys and storybook characters.

The display took them over 2000 hours and 5 months to complete.

The display is open to the public through Friday December 29, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.