What’s Your Problem Wednesday: “You look like a couple of drunks fighting!”

The segment is back by popular demand, but this time we’re featuring viewer voicemails

HOUSTON – Guess what day it is??? It’s What’s Your Problem Wednesday!

Houston Life hosts, Derrick Shore and Courtney Zavala respond to some of the most outrageous viewer feedback they’ve received, but this time there’s a twist, voicemails!

Up first?


“I don’t like your show. You are promoting drinking alcohol, you think it’s cool, Courtney especially you, you think it’s cool bragging about how much you drink... well wait till you’ve become an alcoholic and see how much you gonna be bragging about how much you drink... the same goes for you guy.”

But wait, there’s more...

“And you guys know what? You keep using that you’re combative... well you look like a couple of drunks fighting. So, is that what you want to do here? Well I told you... You no good Courtney.”


“I like your show, however, I wish the Courtney and Derrick would not talk over each other it seems like they are trying to put so many words in just a few seconds on the show. Before I can absorb what was said in your last sentence the two of your are talking over each other and I have learned nothing.”


“Derrick, I love you and want to suggest one thing. If you let your beard line grow to where your neck naturally bends it won’t look like you have a double chin.”

Be sure to watch the entire video clip above to catch any of the viewer comments you might have missed!