Sports mom survival guide

Products to help busy families tackle it all

HOUSTON – Parents, ever feel like you're being pulled in every direction?

One kid has volleyball practice, the other is on the football field and then there's homework and other extracurricular activities.

Sometimes it can feel like there's just not enough hours in the day to tackle it all, let alone get a homemade dinner on the table.

That's where lifestyle expert Donna Bozzo comes in. She's sharing tips from her playback to help busy families on the go.

Score a home run with dinner made easy


Feeding an army? Being a sports mom means feeding the team which can certainly feel like feeding an army.  But dread sign up day no more with my new mom and dad tip. Home Chef meal kits make it a cinch to feed a crowd - because quite frankly they do all the grocery shopping for you. No need to run to store to store to buy everything you need to feed the soccer, football or tennis team. Just order up the meal kits online or pop into Kroger - and you will have everything you need all remeasured and ready for your pre game feast.

Makeup touch-ups on the go


Palmpact brings everything you need to freshen up your lips with you. This convenient compact attaches to your smartphone and holds makeup, credit cards and a mirror. The compact includes several different lip shades and replaces the need to carry different tubes of lipstick and lip gloss.

Capture the moment with the perfect picture


PhotoGrip is the 3-in-1 portable smartphone grip with a Bluetooth shutter remote and wireless charger. The grip makes it easier than ever to snap great photos on the go, and the wireless charger helps keep you connected.

Hack for wearing your hair up with a hat


Ponyflo is a baseball cap with an open area in the back for a ponytail. The hats comes in different colors and styles and work great for moms on the go.

A new way to sanitize hands on the go


Minnie by OLIKA replaces the traditional bottle of hand sanitizer gel with a convenient and stylish, spray bottle. This version helps keep the skin clean and hydrated for a longer time.

Stay hydrated

Whatever your poison - coffee, filtered water - even oxygen water, make you have plenty of it!


The following products can help: Oxigen, Nalgene and Epic Waters.

Relax and unwind after a long day on the road


Travertine Steam Shower Spray turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa experience at home.

Forget about the lawn chairs


Republic of Durable Goods offers a portable hammock that comes in an easy to carry bag. Perfect for those long days at the ball field! 

Donna Bozzo is a lifestyle expert and author of two books, "What The Fun?!" and "Fidget Busters."