How to remodel your bathtub or shower in Houston without demolition or grout

Say goodbye to endless bathroom renovations

HOUSTON – If your bathroom needs an upgrade, you can update your shower or bathtub and give it a new, stylish look without the big mess of grout.

Terah Harvey, with Bath Fitter, explains how to remodel your bathroom in just one day without reglazing or repainting.

While reglazing only lasts three to five years, Bath Fitter offers a lifetime warranty on its renovations.

"Any space that you have, we are going to able to fit the wall in there. We are going to bend it with heat on-site to the specific measurements to your tub," said Harvey, who mentioned the different options Bath Fitter provides to help you improve that important part of your home.

"If you have an old tub that you want to cover, and you don't want to deal with just taking it out, we can do that. We can also take the tub out, or we can just turn it into a shower. It's basically anything you want," said Harvey, who explained how customizable and convenient Bath Fitter's work is.

"You're just going to pick out whatever you need. Then we make the plan, and within a couple of weeks, we schedule your install, and it's only one day," Harvey said.

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