The basic rules for pairing wine and cheese

General guidelines you should follow when preparing for your next gathering

HOUSTON – When it comes to home entertaining, cheese boards are a popular option, but what should you do if you have leftovers?

Tanji Patton with Goodtaste.tv shares the basic rules for pairing wine and cheese, plus, a delicious recipe. 

General Guidelines

  • The stronger the cheese, the bigger & bolder the wine
  • Young cheese pairs best with simple wines
  • Aged cheese pairs best with more full-bodied wines

Tanji's pro tip: Make sure to store cheese in wax paper or cheese paper, never plastic wrap.  

Fromage Fort

Use cheese from your leftover cheese board.  Shred hard cheese, cut soft cheese, and throw all pieces into a food processor.  Add a little white wine and garlic.  Pulse until smooth.  The consistency should be similar to a paste.  You can also run it under a broiler to melt the cheese.  Enjoy!  

For the complete recipe, click here.  


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