Klein ISD students take on Water Warriors challenge to design flood barriers

See how this Cool Schools Weekly Spotlight is standing out in Houston

HOUSTON – This week we're featuring Klein ISD for the new and innovative ways they help both students and their communities. Klein ISD was recognized as one of the 26 most innovative, pioneering companies in the greater Houston area by the Houston Business Journal in its first-ever Innovation Awards. Among those recognized, Klein ISD was the only school district to be honored.

One of their initiatives, called Water Warriors, took place after Hurricane Harvey. Through it, students were challenged to brainstorm and prototype flood barriers that would help protect their communities from flooding.

During the time the initiative took place, the Klein ISD area was still recovering from Harvey, so the challenge was very personal for everyone involved. More than 2,000 participated including students, educators, community members and industry experts.

Other initiatives pioneered by Klein ISD included Klein in Space, where students submitted experiment proposals about the effects of microgravity with the hopes of having their experiment performed by astronauts on the International Space Station, and Operation Lifeline, which challenged students to design a medical pack to deliver refrigerated medications during a time of disaster.

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