Benefits of pre-planning final arrangements

Creating a plan for your final arrangements made easy

HOUSTON – It's a topic that can be tough to talk about or even think about, final arrangements.

Planning a funeral or memorial service for a loved one is never easy, especially during a time of loss and grieving.

These services should be personalized to reflect one's wishes and should bring comfort to family and friends, not extra pressure or stress.

But did you know, that now all the decisions can be made while a person is still living? This can take all the guess work away from loved ones. 

Family service manager, Tim Lenz, with the Dignity Memorial Providers of Memorial Oaks Funeral Home and Cemetery, share what you can do now to ease the burden on family members. 

To help people think towards the service they might want to have, Dignity Memorial has developed the "Imagine Booklet" a guide to walk you through all the details. 

For more information about pre-planning, click here.


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