Tru Essence Spa in Downtown Houston offers options to slow aging process

These quick treatments can even be part of your skin care routine

HOUSTON – If you are looking for ways to reverse the signs of aging, there are treatments that can help, but it's important to research where and how often to get those treatments done.

There's a cosmetic and medical spa in the heart of downtown Houston that offers beauty solutions without going under the knife: Tru Essence Spa.

Starting with fillers, a quick treatment done in approximately 10 minutes that focuses on loss of volume, something common as we age that can make faces saggy.

"If you only get one or two syringes on your face at a time, most people don't notice that you had anything done. It just gives you a fresher look that makes you look younger, more awake, so you're not going to leave here looking like someone different," said Dr. Lashondria Simpson-Camp, owner and medical director of Tru Essence Spa, who also explained how the spa uses fillers to help with cellulite.

"We all suffer from cellulite, especially as we age. Also, if you've had any procedure done and you're left with scarring or dimpling, we can correct that with fillers. Now, this is off-label use of dermal fillers, but it's safe enough to inject anywhere in the body," said Simpson-Camp, who is a board-certified general surgeon and helps corrects any imperfections clients may have from previous treatment at different medical spas.

"I do and really because they're not happy with the symmetry. That's what I see mostly, and we can correct symmetry and asymmetry by using fillers," said Simpson-Camp, who also recommends facials, always based on your skin type and skin condition.

Facials can help with pore reductions, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, but frequency is key.

"It should be more of a maintenance. If you get a facial here and there, you're not going to notice so much of a difference. So really, we recommend that our customers get facials at least once a month," said Simpson-Camp, who also suggests starting to get facials at least in your 30s.

"You know, around here in Houston, we have lots of pollution, Also, we have people who smoke. You may be around people who smoke, or maybe you smoke yourself, so things like that can really age a skin quickly," she said.

To get into the habit of treating your skin, Tru Essence Spa provides in-house financing and a facial membership. That's a one-time payment that's $25 and after that, it's $65.95 monthly and you get to pick the facial of your choice once a month.

Call to book a free consultation, and Dr. Simpson-Camp can assess what may be the best treatment for you.

Tru Essence Spa is offering Botox happy hour every Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at $9 a unit and 20% off for first-time customers on any treatment now through Sept. 30.

To get in on this special offer or to schedule a free consultation, call 713-485-5200 or visit the website TruEssenceSpa.com.

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