One of Texas' biggest college fairs plus 3 more ways Cy-Fair ISD is rocking it

See how this public-school district is standing out in Houston

HOUSTON – This week we're featuring Cy-Fair ISD and the new and innovative ways they're helping students find their future careers, including a college night, new academy and career and technical education building.

1. STEM Academy for ARC (automation, robotics and computer science)


The new Stem Academy for ARC (automation, robotics and computer science) at Cypress Springs High School will provide students with access to unique courses and equipment. Additionally, students will earn industry certifications like Autodesk AutoCAD and Oracle Java Programming.

2. Elementary Spanish Language Action Based Learning Lab


Andre' and Sampson Elementary Schools are implementing the elementary Spanish language action based learning lab to help students learn the language through movement. Students use kinesthetic techniques while practicing Spanish language skills to help promote brain-based learning.

3. Leonard Brautigam Center


Also, the new Leonard Brautigam Center will house new classrooms and shops to support academic programs and future certifications in welding, HVAC and electrical trades. The new facility is located at Jones Rd. at the former campus of Matzke Elementary School.

4. College Night


And last but not least, there is an upcoming College Night at the Berry Center on October 8 - 9, which is one of the largest in the state. More than 200 colleges, universities, technical and specialty schools are expected to be present. All high school students and parents are encouraged to attend.

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